What We Do Differently

We Give Hope When Others Can't

ICCA is a different type of cancer treatment facility. We treat all cancers, regardless of stage or visible mass. Most conventional cancer treatments have been unsuccessful because the protocol focuses on killing the tumors at any expense where more damage is done to normal cells than to the tumor mass itself.

ICCA focuses on reducing overall tumor load with minimal side effects, while enhancing the immune system. This approach induces your body’s natural ability to heal itself by stimulating specific receptors in the immune system called “checkpoints” and inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in tumor cells that are not responsive to traditional methods of eradication.

We have changed thousands of lives worldwide with our protocols who had no hope or were at their last resort and needed answers to find joy in life again and we are confident we can do the same for you!

We Treat Late Stage Cancers

There is a great hope for late stage cancer treatments. Our Board Certified Physicians excel in treating late stage cancers and have found great success in our innovative treatment protocols. 

We Customize Your Treatment Plan

ICCA understands that each individual reacts differently to procedures and drugs and creates a custom plan according to your cancer, your body, and where the tumors are located. Conventional medicine, however, treats each type of cancer in a standard protocol irregardless of the patient’s body. We treat the whole body including strengthening your own immune system. 

We Prioritize Saving the Liver

SAVE THE LIVER, SAVE THE LIFE. This is one of our mottos. Contrary to belief, cancer metabolizing to the liver is not the end. Most patients who lose their fight against cancer is not due to their diagnosed cancer. It is from the metastasis to the liver, which unfortunately, conventional medicine fails to succeed in resolving. We at ICCA have found great success in saving the liver, and thus saving the patient.

We Treat Most "Inoperable" Tumors

Conventional medicine is quick to remove tumors through surgery quickly. At ICCA we follow a minimally invasive protocol and find that our therapy shrinks and destroys these cancer cells to the point where a simple ablation (outpatient biopsy-like procedure) allows an inoperable tumor to become manageable.

We Use Tumor-Targeting Immuno-Modulating Cancer Therapy

Our innovative treatment protocol allows us to aggressively attack tumors with minimal side effects. This is achieved by focusing on the tumor itself without compromising other organs. We have found by attacking tumors from the inside out is more effective than outside in.

We Employ Non-Invasive Procedures

Although Cancer cells bundled together in the form of a tumor mass is relatively dense, there are always chances of even a single cell dislodging if manipulated. ICCA‘s protocols avoids invasive procedures that may cause cancer cells to be dislodged.

We Strengthen Your Immune System

ICCA’s goal is to strengthen your immune system during treatments. We combine immunotherapy during the debunking protocols of tumors to strengthen your immune system so that it can attack peripheral cells and eliminate them for us. We utilize a variety of methods such as IV vitamin therapy to refill any deficiencies, Dendritic Cell Therapy which teaches your immune system to recognize and attack cancerous cells, as well as provide nutritional support to maintain or restore optimal nutrition status and health.


Cancer Does NOT Wait!

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