Immuno-Modulating Cancer Therapy!

Unique Precision Tumor-Targeting

Our trained physicians treat most "inoperable" tumors!

  •    Minimal side effects Cancer immunotherapy makes cancer cells "visible" to the immune system,
  •    Helps to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight cancer, and
  •    The Immune system starts to recognize and fight cancer cells,
  •    No compromising immune system caused by high volumes of chemo-medicines circulating through your entire body- CoNexus Care STAYS within the tumor!

CoNexus Care offers significant improvements over most conventional and even alternative treatments. Features and advantages of CoNexus Care.

Conventional Systemic Chemotherapy

Conventional Systemic Chemotherapy

  •   Circulates through the entire body.
  •   Effectiveness. Very limited amount of medicine gets into tumor, (normally around 1% or less).
  •   Side Effects. Destroys both cancerous tumor and normal healthy cells, but mostly your normal cells.
  •   Cycles. To achieve significant effectiveness, chemo injections must be repeated many times.
  •   Destroys targeted cancer cells and normal healthy cells. The warning is that it can cause new cancer developing in different areas of the body.
CoNexus Cancer Care Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy

CoNexus Cancer Care Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy

  •   Stops and limits the expansion or growth of the cancer.
  •   Alerts the immune systems that there is an invader.
  •   Greatly reduces late stage or inoperable tumors without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.
  •   Plan that uses multiple techniques simultaneously to take a patient’s individual tumor and shrink it.
  •   Side Effects are minimal.
  •   Reduces the tumor cells.

ICCA's primary focus will be the application of CoNexus Care, with a full menu of services having a high success rate and commitment to eliminate cancer. One of ICCA’S prestigious oncologist will consult, evaluate, discuss a treatment plan which will include follow up care. A plan uniquely individualized, precision tumor-targeted cancer therapy, and ongoing reports to your home-based physician for your primary care physician, and post care.

Cancer Does Not Wait!


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