First of its kind

Precision Tumor Targeted Immuno-Modulating Cancer Therapy!

  • Our trained physicians treat most "inoperable" tumors!
  • No damage to your body, minimal side effects, if any-
  • No hair loss, no nausea, no fatigue, no constipation, no blood disorders or mouth sores, etc.
  • No compromising immune system caused by high volumes of chemo-medicines circulating through your entire body- CoNexus Care STAYS within the tumor!
  • Powerful immuno-modulating therapy enhancer to help inhibit micro-tumor recurrence!

CoNexus Care offers significant improvements over most conventional and even alternative treatments. Features and advantages of CoNexus Care.

Conventional Chemo Therapy

  • Circulation. Circulates through the entire body.
  • Effectiveness. Very limited amount of medicine gets into tumor, (normally around 1% or less).
  • Side Effects. Destroys both cancerous tumor and normal healthy cells, but mostly your normal cells.
  • Cycles. To achieve significant effectiveness, chemo injections must be repeated many times.
  • Costs. Destroys too many normal cells, reduces your immune system, weakens your body.

ICCA's primary focus will be the application of CoNexus Care, a uniquely individualized precision tumor-targeted cancer therapy, followed by science-based immunotherapeutic protocols (i.e. dendritic cells, NK cellular vaccine, autologous adaptive immunotherapy, etc.), followed up with cellular based autoimmune restoration (i.e., cord blood cellular transplantation, xenotransplantation, peptides and polypeptides, etc.).

CoNexus Care consists in a unique infiltration of coagulants, tumor antigen enhancers and cytokines, which combines five FDA-approved medicines and compounds, and is directed towards the treatment of all stage solid cancer tumors.

There are three significant considerations for patients when discussing potential cancer therapy regardless of the cancer center or their oncologists. What are they?

Instead, Integrative Cancer Center specialists treat Stage 3 and 4 cancers from inside the tumor, not from outside the tumor! Even better, CoNexus Care consists in a series of CT-guided (directly into the center of the tumor) injections over generally a four- to five-week period, depending on the size and number of tumors!

When multiple autologous tumor antigens are released from dying cells within the coagulated tumor, they become a "priming" event for T cell response, which then stimulates immunity within the patient's entire body. These cell deaths are called a "good death", which elicit an immune response equivalent to an in-vivo self-vaccination promoted by an immunologic modulator, i.e., a small molecule hapten.

Some standard medical care practitioners are also practitioners of CAM (define).

Complementary medicine is used along with standard medical treatments but is not considered to be standard treatments. One example is using acupuncture to help lessen some side effects of cancer treatment.

CoNexus Care consists in a unique infiltration of specific tumor antigen enhancers and immunomodulators, which combine five FDA approved medicines and compounds, and is directed towards the treatment of all stage solid cancer tumors. CoNexus Care has been formulated to serve three vitally important solid tumor therapeutic functions:

Conventional surgery, chemo, and radiation therapies destroy millions of good cells, often devastating the patient's immune system. We also know that surgery can cause cancer metastases later on. Chemo and radiation therapies very often destroy a patient's good cells in addition to destroying mutated, cancer cells, which is why so many patients can experience recurrence anywhere from 5 to 10 years after the initial debulking. Perhaps this is the reason government statistics tend to measure "survival rates" at the five-year mark.