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Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Due to routine screening of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in the US, nearly 90% of prostate cancers are detected in the early stages. In many cases, the cancer is confined to the prostate and does not spread to other organs.

Recurrent prostate cancer occurs when primary cancer has returned, even after undergoing a first-line therapy intended to cure cancer. It's often called prostate cancer recurrence or relapse. Treatments that you may have had during first-line therapy were prostate surgery and/or hormonal therapy or even radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for prostate recurrence to reappear just a few months after completing first-line therapy. And the potential for a more life-threatening disease can occur if your well-intended oncologist attempts to treat recurrence the same way your primary cancer was treated, which often results in marginal patient outcomes at best!

Recurrent prostate cancer starts in tissue next to the prostate or seminal vesicles. As cancer progresses, it may also affect surrounding lymph nodes, tissues next to the prostate (e.g., muscles that help control urination), rectum, or the wall of the pelvis.

If not stopped, potentially lethal prostate cancer recurrence can ultimately travel through the bloodstream and appear in bones or other organs. This spread is called metastasis. Metastases through the lymph channels are called lymphatic metastases, while those through the bloodstream are called hematogenous, or bloodborne.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

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As a prostate cancer patient, please take great comfort in knowing that ICCA is a trusted prostate cancer treatment center dedicated to EXTENDING the patient’s life, RELIEVING pain, MITIGATING symptoms, and ELIMINATING lethal cancer stem cells which cause recurrence. Our treatments focus on cancer at hand, but simultaneously also on the patient's well-being and minimal discomfort in mind!

ICCA Therapy Exclusively Offers:

  • NO Surgery
  • NO Burning
  • NO Poisoning
  • NO Hair Loss
  • NO Compromised Immune System
  • NO Nausea or Loss of Appetite
  • NO Fatigue
  • NO long-term treatment regimen (generally two-week protocol)

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