FivePoints Cancer Care

You can live now without pain

Integrative Cancer Centers of America offers the highest standard of pain management and palliative care with FivePoints Cancer Care. Providing every patient with:

  • The gentlest treatments.
  • The lowest dosages of medication.
  • Genuine caring.
  • Maximum effectiveness.

FivePoints Cancer Care

We specialize in

Cancer-Related Chronic Pain

ICCA uses FivePoints Cancer Care targeted treatments like infiltration and cell therapy to minimize your cancer-related pain. Pain should not hold you back. Regain strength to begin, continue, or recover from fighting cancer.

Chronic Degenerative Disease Pain

Assisted by Ulises Nieves, MD, ours is a human approach to palliative care; emphasizing physical and emotional wellbeing. Your pain is like no one else's. You deserve personalized, compassionate care.

Pain from Other Chronic Conditions

Our treating physicians use expert, gentle treatments, we help you overcome the pain caused by chronic conditions including sciatica and other spinal issues, phantom limb syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, Lyme disease, and herpes. Begin living your best life.

"A body without pain,
is a mind with freedom"

- Dr. Ulises Nieves. ICCA's Head Anesthesiologist


Tumor-targeted cancer therapy.


Integrative, Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


Advanced Cancer Diagnostics (with 24 hr. CT, MRI, and PET Imaging).


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