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Everything living has a natural enemy - just like Superman had Kryptonite, cancer cells have at least one chemo medicine that may kill cancer - if prescribed correctly!

Regrettably, however, chemo that kills one patient's cancer, may not kill another's cancer, even with an identical diagnosis.

Disappointedly, many new treatments never live up to their promises. According to DiRienzo, a 2019 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found only 20% (19 of 93) of cancer drugs fast-tracked through the U.S. FDA's accelerated approval process, ever ending up extending the patient's life.

Live Cell Profiling Live Cell Profiling Moreover, with the hundreds of chemo drugs, chemo combinations, and targeting agents available on the marketplace, how can any oncologist know with great certainty, which drug(s) will work best to treat their patient's unique cancer?

Sadly, the answer is they probably won't -- for many oncologists are forced to prescribe from a list of approved drugs found by large clinical trials, or worse yet, can only prescribe drugs approved by the patient's insurance carrier; with perhaps neither choice having anything to do with achieving the best results for you the patient.

Fortunately, by working with a very small tumor sample, ICCA's medical team can identify with great certainty, exactly which chemo or chemo combination will work most effectively in killing or at minimum disabling that patient's unique cancer cell lethal nature.

This test also reveals with great clarity, which chemo(s) or chemo combination will not work with this patient's unique cancer cells, thus saving potential life-threatening treatment time, unnecessary treatment costs, and potentially damaging side effects.

This is a huge game changer for any patient whose crucial chemo selection has failed to work as prescribed, avoids potentially lethal guesswork, and greatly aids the oncologist in hopefully prescribing the most ideal cancer treatment program for that patient's unique cancer!

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