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Cancer does NOT wait!

We strive to make becoming a patient at ICCA as easy and stress-free as possible. Below is a step-by-step guide of what our onboarding process looks like.

1. Submit Medical Documents

With your most recent lab results and medical history, our care team can make effective decisions for the best possible outcome.

You will need to provide copies of your most recent (within the last 30-60 days) medical records which may consist of any treatment notes from your current overseeing Health Provider, laboratory results (blood tests and/or biopsy reports), radiology reports (MRI/PET/CT scans, and/or ultrasounds), and any other health information that is pertinent to your cancer diagnosis and care.

Please use the form below to provide information about you or the patient’s current health, treatments and/or therapies undergone to date, and any other information which will better help us to understand your medical needs.

2. Stand by for Initial Consultation

Our team of doctors will review your case and develop a personalized treatment plan. In the meantime, one of our patient liaison’s will reach out to answer any questions you may have.

3. Review Treatment Plan

With the aid of our patient liaisons, connect directly with our physicians and care team to go over the proposed treatment plan in its entirety.

*Learn more about what to expect at your initial consultation, HERE.

4. Book Travel & Stay

Our patient liaisons are here to assist, recommend, and manage your stay so you can focus on one thing: healing.

*Learn more about what to expect regarding travel and stay, HERE.

5. Arrive & Begin Treatment

Settle in, meet the entire team, tour the facilities, and begin your healing journey.

*Learn more about what to expect at ICCA, HERE.


Cancer Does NOT Wait!

Speak to Our Patient Liaisons

Let us know what questions or concerns you may have regarding our treatments, facilities, and care team.

Schedule a Consultation

Submit your medical documents and questionnaire for our team of physicians to review and propose a customized treatment protocol.

Begin Your Healing Journey

Book your travel & stay with the help of our Healing Concierge and begin the onboarding process.

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