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Instagram newborn_living

Instagram newborn_living

Part 1: What's one thing every cancer patient wants to shout out for the world to hear?


It's true.

And it's a miracle!

I went from being diagnosed with stage 2-3 breast cancer to stage 4 terminal in a matter of months. From June to August my health started tanking…fast. By September the pain was horrific, then I ended up with a compressed fracture in my T6 vertebra (mid back) and I was unknowingly walking around with a fracture to my spine.

Each day I was deteriorating more and more. More pain, less energy, and confusion as to why all the immunotherapies I was doing weren't working. Turns out, they were adding fuel to the fire!!

Come October I was in really bad shape needing immediate treatment. I got to the Integrative Cancer Center of America in Tijuana, Mexico just in time to save my life. The cancer had aggressively eaten away all throughout my spine and it had to be stopped full force. I really didn't want to do conventional treatment, but the cancer gave me no other options. It was time to bring in the big guns if I wanted to live!

I spent a month in treatment, 5 days a week. 30 days in a hotel, experiencing radiation side effects and 2 months of sleepless nights. In pain, broken, waking up multiple times in the middle of the night with agonizing burning pain in my guts and throat. Unbearable and without relief I could feel the enemy bearing down on me, feeling him drive his knee further on my throat trying to snuff me out. I could feel and at times see the spiritual battle around me. Angels clashing with demons, the hairs on my arm and neck would raise as I would pray or have someone pray over me, knowing the enemy has to flee in the name of Jesus!

At times, I wondered if God would fulfill his promise to me of healing. I would cry out throughout the night, "Lord you promised you would not forsake me! Give me the strength I need to make it another day. Do not let me die, but let me live so I may proclaim what you have done!"

Part 2 tomorrow...


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