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We understand that you have many worries and concerns, so we’ll do our best to answer any question which may arise. If there’s anything we missed, send us an email or fill out our contact form below and we’re more than happy to get back to you!

Average treatment fee is approximately $23,000 per week. Typical Conexus treatment is conducted over a 2 week period. Prices may vary depending on the complexities of treatment and personal medical history.

Basically two reasons: the government and price. Due to FDA and Insurance restrictions surrounding standardized treatments, Mexico allows us to practice non-standard, integrative cancer treatments that would be impossible in the United States. Our clinic in Baja California, which is less than an hour south of San Diego, does not bind physicians as the US does. The cost of treatment is approximately 1/4 compared to the US.

We treat all four stages of cancer. Although late stage cancer treatment is our specialty, treating cancer in earlier stages is optimal.

Our Tumor Board reviews your diagnosis and medical records first to determine whether you are a viable candidate for Conexus care, then formulate a custom treatment plan. Each plan varies depending on diagnosis, stage, current health, and past treatments. The same protocols are still used, but at different doses, times, and combinations.

ICCA offers a concierge personalized treatment plan. In order to accurately determine a course of action, our Tumor Board requires as much information as possible

Yes, cancellation of treatment is possible until first day of treatment. Payment is due the first day of arrival.

Unfortunately, since our clinic is in Mexico, we do not take insurance. 

Fill out our Medical Questionnaire, HERE and our Tumor Board will review your application. 


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