Essential Things You Should Know Before Working Out High

Essential Things You Should Know Before Working Out High

Cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana – whatever it may be known as has never been considered an 'upper' or stimulant of any sort. It may now be time to reconsider the lazy stoner stereotype. The effects that smoking, eating, or vaping marijuana and marijuana products have on exercise have never been formally studied, however, many athletes and non-athletes will use marijuana before or after a workout for varying reasons. Power Plant Fitness is the first cannabis friendly gym in North America, with plans to open in late 2017. Here are some important points that everyone who plans on consuming marijuana before a workout should know.

How Does Marijuana Affect You?
Different strains, known as Cannabis Indica or Sativa, have differing effects. There are also some hybrid strains available that carry features from both the Indica and Sativa strains. In simple terms, an Indica strain will be good for pain and insomnia for one person but may offer another person the ability to work out through their chronic pain. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are well-known for their cerebral and uplifting effects in some people, but others may find these types of strains make them overly paranoid or anxious. is the premier online resource for marijuana strains and even allows advanced searches based on desired effects. Every single person has a different tolerance for marijuana as well as experiencing different effects from various types of plants. Tolerance is also a key variable within every individual, and it is important to know how much is too much (or too little).

The Amount To Consume Before A Workout
Many who regularly consume marijuana before a workout often consume far less than they would post-workout or any other time. The reason for this being that a smaller amount will give the gym-goer a milder high than consuming a lot of marijuana before exercise. Consuming more cannabis than can be handled may result in sluggishness and hinder performance. Significant amounts of marijuana before a workout can also get someone very high, very quickly, making it more likely the individual will experience undesired effects like anxiety and paranoia. Finding the sweet spot of how much to consume comes down to experimentation, tolerance, and expertise. Many regular users will limit themselves to a few puffs of a joint or vaporizer before exercising.

If New To Smoking Marijuana, Think Twice Before Smoking and Working Out
If an individual is contemplating smoking marijuana before a workout, their experience with cannabis should be a key factor in this decision.  Marijuana can make some people experience anxiety, and this can be a major downfall of using marijuana before working out. Doctor Dustin Sulak claims that one week of tiny daily doses can be enough to overcome sensitivity to THC (the main psychoactive compound in marijuana) and also advises on the side of being safe rather than sorry. Starting with minimal amounts, known as micro-dosing, is an ideal way to figure out tolerance and the overall effectiveness of the plant. As mentioned on the previous slide, the amount to consume before a workout varies with every person and finding the correct amount all comes down to personal experimentation.

Marijuana Helps With Pain Tolerance And Discomfort
Finishing the last few sets of weights, the last mile on the treadmill, or pushing to achieve personal bests in the gym can be gruelling. The last repetitions are usually the point of the workout that can be of most benefit to making progress regarding weight loss and gaining muscle tone. Marijuana can help an individual push through mental barriers and achieve personal goals in the gym because smoking cannabis before working out may allow benefits including the ability to tolerate discomfort or pain that would otherwise hinder a workout. A hard session of exercise may be incredibly painful and mentally exhausting, but there is growing anecdotal evidence that marijuana can help individuals break their usual barriers and achieve more in the gym.

Marijuana Can Help An Individual Reach A New Level Of Focus
One quick Google search for fitness focus and marijuana will yield thousands of results. Many fitness experts have gone public with their assertions that marijuana will give the individual levels of attention that is hard to achieve otherwise. As mentioned earlier, a Sativa strain of cannabis will be known for its cerebral effects and are popular with writers, artists, and musicians. Gym-goers are finding these focusing effects beneficial to working out, and many will recommend a Sativa strain. Of course, every individual is different, and some may find the Indica strains more advantageous due to the characteristics of these plants. Fitness experts will also claim that muscle group targeting becomes easier as the body becomes more nimble under the influence of marijuana and allows stretching to become simpler and less painful. A lot of long-distance runners have claimed that smoking, vaping or eating marijuana products before a marathon allow rhythmic-like focus, allowing the runner to maintain pace and performance.

Enjoyable Exercise
Working out may not be the most pleasant routine for everyone, but marijuana may help to make exercising a lot more entertaining. Not only can a workout be made more enjoyable with cannabis but exercise can also feel more rewarding to a person when under the influence of marijuana.  Smoking before exercise can also lead to creating new and exciting routines in the gym.  Listening to music while working out can also have a positive effect on performance. Combining marijuana, music, and exercise gives an illusion that this is a highly enjoyable experience. Marijuana smokers will also experience a boost in the THC content of their bloodstream after as little as 30 minutes or exercise, giving the term "runner's high" an entirely new meaning.

Marijuana Can Help To Speed Up Recovery
The more efficient the recovery process is, the more consistently the individual will be able to push-limits and work out without pain from previous sessions. Clinical studies of marijuana have observed some capacity to relieve pain and inflammation. These studies have revealed overwhelmingly positive results. Consider that if the body is swollen, sore, and joints are aching, a workout will not be of much benefit. As well as allowing muscles to repair and grow, marijuana can also help with the function of the immune system, making winter workouts easier and protecting the body from various cold and flu-type bugs. Marijuana can also be beneficial to those who suffer from insomnia, or just a lack of sleep, and can encourage a better nights sleep which also aids in the recovery process.

CBD Extract Is A Useful Alternative
CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of, if not the first, cannabinoid any marijuana consumer should research. CBD has amazing medicinal properties for humans and even some animals. Once isolated, CBD can become an every-day medicine for pain, nausea, anxiety, and has even successfully helped people with epilepsy to control their seizures. CBD will also counteract some effects of THC, such as anxiety, as well as enhancing others such as pain relief. Many medical marijuana growers are trying to create "CBD strains" of marijuana that harness the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the high feeling. CBD extract is found in capsule form (usually with omega-3 or coconut oil), vaporizers, tinctures, and disposable e-cigarette type devices. CBD does not always come from marijuana. Surprisingly it is also found in hemp and tomato plants.

Marijuana Is Not Seen As "Healthy"
The jury is still out if marijuana is damaging to a persons health or beneficial to it. However, what is known by many is that smoking marijuana is certainly not the healthiest way to consume it. There are many other alternative methods of consuming marijuana, such as vaping or eating, and many have become quite popular. Lung function is paramount to performance in the gym, and it is with these alternative methods that an individual can work out without feeling like they have just inhaled a chimney-load of smoke. Once again it is of utmost importance that every individual assess their tolerance, experience, and needs before exercising under the influence of cannabis. Check out some contemporary ways in which marijuana is consumed on the next slide, many of these ways have been recommended before exercising instead of hitting a joint.

Try The Many Different Ways Of Consuming Marijuana
Vaporizers have become hugely popular within the cannabis community due to the smooth hit they produce, as well as the discretion a vaporizer allows. A vaporizer is an ideal way to keep the lungs (relatively) clean in comparison to smoking a bowl or joint. There are also many different vaporizers on the market, some will offer the ability to vape dry, and ground herb and others will also vape concentrated cannabis products known as 'shatter,' 'budder', or 'live resin.' Tinctures give the individual an edible-like high around 5 to 10 minutes after consuming orally, usually by a dropper containing 1 millilitre. Tinctures hold a very high medicinal value because they are incredibly potent and fast-acting, many people with chronic pain use tinctures because of these properties. Experimentation is key, and knowing tolerance is also highly important before trying any of these methods. Edibles such as brownies may not give the user a high for up to 2 hours, so they considered best used for the recovery stage.

Legality And Practicality Of Marijuana
Many health practitioners vehemently believe that a person under the age of 19 risks impaired brain development by regularly consuming marijuana. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals under the age of 19 do not use marijuana at all. As mentioned earlier, perhaps a CBD extract can substitute for cannabis. People who have experienced heart-related problems in their lives should also consult with a cannabis friendly doctor on the subject before consuming any marijuana. Since marijuana can also act as a muscle relaxant, athletes participating in fast-paced sports such as hockey who have consumed cannabis before the game may feel adverse effects and lessen their performance. Jim McAlpine, founder of the 420 Games and The Power Plant Gym, asserts that marijuana is best used in low-risk workouts and sports, as well as a recovery tool. Marijuana also remains illegal in many countries, states, and provinces around the world.