CoNexus Care Survival Rates

CoNexus Care integrative cancer protocol, combines alternative and medical therapies proven to increase the patient's success rates up to 3x times over the average conventional therapy.

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Stage IV Cancer Patients. ICCA vs. National Averages

Stage IV Cancer Type ICCA National Average
Breast* 75% 24%
Breast 45% 24%
Brain 50% 50%
Colon & Rectum 16% 12%
Esophagus 17% 3%
Kidney 20% 12%
Lung & Bronchus 9% 4%
Melanoma (skin) 75% 24%
Ovary 45% 24%
Pancreas 25% 2%
Prostate 50% 28%
Stomach 15% 4%
Urinary bladder 17% 6%

All Integrative Cancer Centers of America treatments are administered within the context of a complex and sophisticated CoNexus Care Cancer Treatment Center.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America philosophy is not just to treat the cancer but to also treat the person –

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