Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injections (CIPI ™)

Integrative Cancer Centers of America's new CIPI ™ procedure could be a breakthrough for end-stage and complex cancers.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America is a center of excellence for personalized oncology and is one of the leading integrative medical centers in the world. We are always innovating and improving the methods we use to treat our patients to potentially achieve better outcomes. ICCA is excited to have developed a new form of tumor chemoembolization called Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injections, or CIPI ™, as an advanced treatment method for fibrous tumors that are difficult to penetrate through traditional intravenous chemotherapy treatment. CIPI ™ has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of pancreatic and other difficult forms of cancer where surgery is not a viable option. By combining our unique personalized treatment protocols with the accuracy and increased precision of direct injection interventional radiology, we are approaching a new frontier in cancer treatment. CIPI ™ represents the latest advancements in cancer treatment and delivery, helping us realize our goal of always provide our patients with the latest in cancer treatment technology and techniques so we can provide our patients with the greatest chance to respond to care.

What Is a Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injection?

CIPI ™ is a procedure performed through interventional radiology that allows for precise delivery of personalized genetically targeted medications directly into the cancerous tumors. CIPI ™ is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a catheter no thicker than a human hair which is fed from an appropriate vessel through the body and into the cancerous tumor. The personalized, micro-dosed, combination of genetically targeted medications are injected directly into the tumor allowing for increased medication delivery and reduced side-effects. By directly injecting medications into the tumor we can potentially achieve maximum exposure of the genetically targeted medications to the tumor making it one of the most powerful methods of medication delivery. The blood supply to the tumor is then sealed off to help improve the effectiveness of the medications with precise agent delivery.

ICCA's Treatment Selection Process

The CIPI ™ procedure would just be run-of-the-mill chemoembolization if it was not for our development of a treatment selection process that utilizes genetic information designed to personalize the treatment protocol with the chemo genetic and immune genetic targets discovered from not only your tumor, but your unique genetic make-up. By examining your miRNA, circulating tumor cell DNA, and tumor mutations, ICCA's in-house custom pharmacy is able to develop a targeted treatment in combination with adjunctive supportive agents to enhance the actions of the drug. This targeted and genetically driven treatment can work to not only attack your tumor but may also activate your immune system to actively attack free circulating cancer cells. The immune system is designed to seek and destroy cancerous cells and Integrative Cancer Centers of America's treatment selection process is designed to identify and upregulate your immune system to provide a multifaceted approach to targeting and fighting your cancer.

Potential Advantages of CIPI ™

CIPI ™ is a minimally invasive targeted procedure for patients who cannot undergo surgical tumor removal for a multitude of reasons. Surgery can be very detrimental to certain patients because surgery stresses the body and suppresses the immune system. The risks of surgery become even greater when dealing with a complex or end-stage cancer. The CIPI ™ procedure is designed for cancers that originate in dense tissues that traditional intravenous chemotherapy has a difficult time penetrating, like pancreatic and liver cancer. Traditional intravenous chemotherapy delivers maximum doses of chemotherapeutic agents throughout the entire body but only a small percentage is estimated to actually reach the tumors it is meant to target. With the targeted medications being directly delivered into the tumor's themselves, and the blood supply sealed off, there is a potentially greater chance for improved patient response. Because the procedure is performed through a single catheter that is fed through the body's circulatory system directly to the tumor, the incision site is very minor, patient's leave with a single bandage on their wound while still receiving maximum drug delivery allowing for quicker healing.

The goal of the CIPI ™ procedure is to revolutionize patient care with viable options for patients where the standard of care in not an option or where they have failed other therapies and need other options to explore. The highly targeted nature of the CIPI ™ procedure is proving to be a possible alternative and we are excited to have developed this technology to help our patients thrive.

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If you have any questions about the CIPI ™ procedure or are curious if you would be a candidate, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator team at (888) 526-6398. Our trained professionals are standing by to help you discover if CIPI ™ is right for you. May God bless you on your journey to healing!

Disclaimer: ICCA makes no guarantees. Consult with your doctor to see if CIPI ™ is right for you. Not every patient is a candidate for Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injection. Some cancers may not have actionable biomarkers or molecular profiles. Do not alter your medical care based on any information provided in this article. Please, consult your doctor prior to changing or stopping any current medical treatment you are receiving.