Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

Metastatic Breast Cancer occurs when breast cancer cells spread to distant organs or tissues, such as the liver, bone, lungs, or brain. Metastatic Breast Cancer can start months or even years after the primary breast cancer therapy has been completed.

When metastasized, most U.S./Canadian medical literature says Metastatic Breast Cancer is uncurable, but perhaps treatable through slowing progression, relieving pain and/or other symptoms, or possibly extending life for some unpredictable period of time.

Metastatic Breast Cancer starts when breast cancer cells spread into the lymph system (77%) or bloodstream; often entering lymph nodes under the arm(s), eventually spreading to the entire lymphatic system -- collection of nodes/vessels that are part of body's immune system.

Regardless of where these cancer cells spread, it's still Metastatic Breast Cancer. For example, breast cancer cells spread to liver is Metastatic Breast Cancer, and so forth.

Unfortunately, many oncologists treat Metastatic Breast Cancer the same as primary breast cancer – often with marginal patient outcomes per published studies at best!

Why; because in spite of advances made in breast cancer management, Metastatic Breast Cancer is still considered incurable by most U.S./Canadian cancer centers. It is for this reason that many well-intended oncologists faced a serious dilemma; should they use strong combinations of chemotherapy in the hope against odds that they can eliminate the disease in the liver, bones, lung etc., recognizing the poor likelihood of a cure, or manage the disease with mild treatments, hoping to preserve quality of the time for what time the patient has left?

ICCA Treats Untreatable Metastatic Breast Cancer

  •  NO Surgery
  •  NO Burning
  •  NO Nausea or Loss of Appetite
  •  NO Compromised Immune System
  •  NO Fatigue
  •  NO Weigh Loss
  •  NO Lengthy Treatments
  •  NO Hair Loss
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patient Testimonials

ICCA Conexus Cancer Care therapies are designed to place lethal metastatic breast cancer into full remission through neoadjuvant tumor shrinkage, tumor reduction, or even complete tumor necrosis (death).

CoNexus Cancer Care has been clinically shown to often surpass conventional cancer treatments with fewer side-effects, but better treatment outcomes! Why, because U.S. physicians can't use many of the cutting-edge cancer therapies ICCA physicians use when treating metastatic breast cancers!

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatments are undertaken at first class treatment centers in Tijuana, Mexico, Orange County, California and Los Angeles, California depending on treatment modality used.

ICCA employs CoNexus Cancer Care, a blend of conventional FDA approved medicines, time tested alternative medicines, and novel, clinically proven global medicines unavailable to patients in U.S. or Canada to destroy metastatic cancers without damage to surrounding tissues or organs, even when tumor is classified “untreatable” by many well-intended comprehensive cancer centers!

CoNexus Cancer Care is a customized, multipronged treatment program unavailable to U.S./Canadian patients consisting of:

  •  Very short-course radiation -- destroy lethal cancer stem cells that survive conventional cancer therapies (leading to cancer metastases).
  •  Live Tumor Cell Profiling – assay live tumor cells to ascertain most effective medicine to destroy tumors.
  •  Tumor-targeted immunotherapy -- enhance autologous immune response (small number of cytokines injected directly into tumor).
  •  Autologous dendritic cell vaccine -- prevent cancer cells from spreading to surrounding tissue or organs in order to strengthen and stimulate the immune system to recognize and fight invading cancer cells.
  •  Systemic Detoxification – to complement natural healing by removing harmful metals and minerals that have built up from external pollutants.
  •  Toxin-free Therapies – designed to target cancer cells yet keep vital tissues and organs healthy. These treatments work to strengthen the body and complement other principles rather than compromise the immune system and create debilitating side effects.
  •  Microwave/Cyro tumor ablation (tumor removal) once tumors have shrunk significantly in size, shape and mass.

ICCA treatment protocols are designed to systematically destroy aggressive cancers with minimal if any collateral damage, resulting in far fewer if any adverse side effects normally associated with conventional cancer treatment regiments.

ICCA specializes in treating all stage III/IV cancers with a particular focus on colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic, and metastatic liver cancers, and; aggressive head and neck cancers.

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