Breast Cancer Symptoms And What You Need To Know

Breast Cancer Symptoms And What You Need To Know

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer amongst North American females (excluding skin cancers). In many cases, women do not even realize that breast cancer has developed until they find a small lump, or one is found during a routine breast exam.

Initially, breast cancer may not cause symptoms, however, they are some revealing symptoms to be aware of. The following seven symptoms may be an indication of breast cancer.

7. Nipple discharge
There are many reasons as to why your nipple may be excreting discharge and in most cases, they are non-cancerous. When you experience discharge from one nipple in particular, this may be a sign of breast cancer.

If you suddenly develop nipple discharge, see a physician immediately, especially if it contains blood and appears without squeezing the area. Be especially cautious of this and contact your Doctor right away. You don’t want it to turn into a serious problem if it’s not checked immediately.

Read on to discover another 6 symptoms that could reveal you have breast cancer. Number 6 reveals a lump in your breast could indicate there is a problem to deal with.

6. A lump on your breast or in the underarm area
The most common symptom is a new lump, either on your breast or within your underarm area. Generally, these lumps will be painless and hard. If the edges are irregular, it is more likely that it’s cancer.

With that being said, cancerous lumps may also be soft, tender, and rounded. Although approximately 90 percent of breast lumps amongst women between the ages of 20 and 50 are benign, ALWAYS have any lump looked at immediately by a doctor.

5. Changes in the shape of your nipple
If your nipple suddenly becomes inverted, this may be a sign of breast cancer. When cancer is the cause, the whole nipple tends to be pulled in.

Most commonly, this will occur in one breast rather than both. Breast cancer can also morph your nipples into an irregular shape.

4. Unexplainable swelling, redness, or rash
If you have developed a rash or are experiencing unexplained itching and swelling, this may be a sign of inflammation. If you have been using an ointment or cream without any results, this could be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

Basically, signs that appear to resemble an infection. Some women also experience swelling around their collarbone – in this case, the cancer has more than likely spread to the lymph nodes.

3. Thickening skin
If the skin on your breast begins to thicken, feeling almost like ‘orange peel,’ have it checked immediately. Thickening breast skin is often caused by mastitis, which is a breast infection that commonly occurs amongst women who are breast feeding.

For women who take antibiotics and do not experience an improvements, it could be an indication of inflammatory breast cancer. Put your mind at ease and see a physician.

2. Breast Pain
The majority of breast cancers do not cause any pain, but some do. The most common cause of breast pain is a woman’s menstrual cycle, as well as a number of other benign breast conditions.

If you experience breast pain that is both severe and persistent, it’s recommended that you have your breasts examined.

1. Skin Puckering
If you notice that the skin on your breasts is puckering or dimpling, it’s important to make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Be mindful of skin dimpling, as it may be very subtle.

When breast skin dimples, it may indicate a tumor. Cancer cells block the lymph channels, resulting in a build-up of fluid in the breast itself. This puckering is generally accompanied by significant swelling.