5 Ways To Keep Pancreatic Cancer Free

5 Ways To Keep Pancreatic Cancer Free

Although there is no one way to ensure a person remains cancer-free for life, an important way of avoiding the disease, pancreatic in particular, is through prevention. Some risk factors of this type of cancer cannot be changed, and include age and family history. Those who can, however, involve lifestyle. People who choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle tend to live longer, are more active, are sick less often, and have a positive outlook, all of which contribute to all-around good health.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is known as a risk factor for lung cancer, but the risk of developing pancreatic cancer is doubled among smokers. Quitting or not starting is essential for prevention. It is a difficult addiction to break, but with the help of a doctor or other support, it is possible. Some people rely on smoking cessation aids, like gum and patches, medication, support groups, or nicotine replacement therapy. Some e-cigarettes use non-nicotine flavored substances which may help.

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Obesity is a major contributing factor to developing pancreatic cancer, so losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is a necessary preventative measure. Of all cancers, about eight percent are linked to obesity. In order to reduce weight, an increase in exercise and a decrease in calories has been scientifically proven as effective. Some cases require surgery, including bariatric which reduces the size of the stomach with a sleeve gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, or gastric bypass.

Eat Nutritious Foods
A healthy diet is beneficial for all-around longevity and is an important way of keeping pancreatic cancer away. Fruits and vegetables of vibrant colors, as well as whole grains, are good staples to choose daily. Food to avoid, which have been connected to pancreatic cancer, are red meat, pork, processed meat, and anything fried, as well as food high in cholesterol and nitrosamines. Choosing lean meats, meat alternatives, and maintaining adequate vitamin folate is recommended.

Limit Alcohol Consumption
There have been mixed conclusions whether drinking alcohol in high quantities is a cause of pancreatic cancer or not. It does, however, have other repercussions on internal organs, including the liver. Excessive alcohol use can also wreak havoc on the pancreas by causing chronic conditions, like pancreatic and cirrhosis, both of which can eventually lead to an increased risk of developing cancer of the pancreas. Switching to sparkling non-alcoholic beverages on occasion is a healthier choice.

Avoid Chemical Exposure
Some environmental and workplace chemicals may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. If possible, limit exposure or take precautions like wearing protective gear. Such chemicals include aflatoxins, air pollution, asbestos, arsenic, coal-tar pitch, diesel engine exhaust, formaldehyde, iron and steel founding, leather dust, lindane, mineral oils, nickel compounds, plutonium, radium, soot, and sulfur mustard. The list is extensive and is categorized into carcinogens which are known toxins, probable toxins, and anticipated to be human carcinogens.