5 Strange Strategies Claiming To Cure Cancer

5 Strange Strategies Claiming To Cure Cancer

Nearly everyone has faced cancer at some point. Whether you have been diagnosed with it yourself or you know someone fighting, dealing with this disease is known for being one of the biggest challenges a person can face. While medical professionals are still seeking a cure, there are some strategies out there claiming to do the trick. While some may have potential, others are just plain crazy.

One potential strategy in treating cancer is through the manipulation of our DNA. Many diseases are hereditary, so targeting the source and removing it from our system is the thought process behind this alternative method. DNA healing is a technique invented to reprogram your brain towards positive thinking and healing, thus curing your cancer. While it may not be a true cure, it could help in staying mentally strong throughout your battle.

What you eat has a lot to do with how your body functions, so the idea of foods curing cancer seems to make sense. Food therapy consists of combining specific types of food and incorporating healthy meals into your diet that could enhance the healing process. There are foods that are known for decreasing the likelihood of getting cancer, so it makes sense to believe there are diets that could cure it. If nothing else, you are helping your body run more efficiently by making smarter eating choices.

Ozone therapy is a technique that involves increasing the oxygen levels throughout your body. Patients essentially have oxygen injected into their body through various methods. Oxygen helps your body and blood run efficiently and the extra doses are thought to kill off cancer cells more quickly. Yet, there has been no solid evidence proving this as an effective method. It is not heavily promoted by doctors and generally tends to be frowned upon.

For years and years, some have claimed that the use of their recycled nutrients is the best way to cure anything. To put it bluntly, this involves drinking your own urine. This clearly is not the most pleasant thought to ponder, so I would advise against it for now. While we have seen people do it on survival shows for years, this has had no proven health benefits. Unless you are stranded without water, I would not suggest this as a method for curing anything you might be faced with.

The health benefits involved in drinking a beer or two a day have been proven to be legitimate, and it is thought that some types of alcohol help in preventing cancer from developing. While beer itself cannot cure cancer, it is thought that certain elements in it can. By enhancing these properties, scientists may be on the right track to finding a cure. Either way, this possible solution offers a nice excuse to throw one back at the end of a long week. Just keep it in moderation.