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We Treat Untreatable Cancers

Internationally Acclaimed Cancer Clinic in Baja California, Mexico treats all Stage III and IV cancers with safe and effective non-toxic therapies offering the highest level of quality patient care.

Restoring Hope - Restoring Life

CoNexus Cancer Care is a customized cancer treatment program that offers global patients the following:

  •  Low-dose Radiation - destroy lethal cancer stem cells that survive conventional cancer therapies (leading to cancer metastases).
  •  Live Cell Tumor Profiling – assay live tumor cells to ascertain the most effective medicine for eliciting tumor death.
  •  Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy - enhance autologous immune response via a small number of cytokines injected directly into the tumor mass.
  •  Autologous Dendritic Cell Vaccine - prevent cancer cells from spreading to surrounding tissue or organs to strengthen and stimulate the immune system to recognize and fight invading cancer cells.
  •  Systemic Detoxification – to complement natural healing by removing harmful metals and minerals that have built up from external pollutants.
  •  Toxic-free Therapies – Target cancerous cancer cells while still keeping vital tissues and organs healthy. These treatments work to strengthen the body and complement other principles rather than compromise the immune system and create debilitating side effects.
  •  Microwave/Cyro Tumor Ablation (tumor removal) once tumors have shrunk significantly in size, shape, and mass.
  •  Anti-neoplastic coverage to prevent further metastases.
  •  Immuno-enhancement.
  •  Metabolic Adjuvancy (mandelonitrile, hyperbaric oxygen).
  •  Symptomatic Support therapeutic medications when indicated.
  •  Vitamins, Supplements, Enzyme Support.
  •  Blood Balancing Support.
  •  Chiropractic Support.
  •  Acupuncture Support.
  •  Heat Therapies.
  •  Inflammatory Balancing maintenance.
  •  Dietary and Nutritional Support.

Contact Info

Contact Info

+1 (888) 526 - 6398

Clinic Locations

Clinic Locations

Los Angeles and Orange County, CA
Baja California, Mexico

Conditions treated (all stages)

  •  Breast Cancer
  •  Colorectal Cancer
  •  Pancreatic Cancer
  •  Lung Cancer
  •  Stomach Cancer
  •  Liver (primary and metastatic)
  •  Testicular Cancer
  •  Sarcomas
  •  Prostate Cancer
  •  Brain & Spine Tumors
  •  Head & Neck Cancers
  •  Blood Cancers

Treatment Package

CoNexus Cancer Care generally consists of two weeks of daily outpatient treatment at its first-class medical clinic located in Baja California, Mexico, just across the international border from San Diego, California.

At Integrative Cancer Centers of America, it is very important to understand you fully and for you to understand us fully. To accommodate that goal our staff speaks the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, French, and German.

What Makes Us Different?

ICCA provides integrative cancer care by keeping the patient in the center of the treatment process. Our team works with you one-on-one and offers customized treatment plans so your entire CoNexus Cancer Care team becomes you partner during the healing process.

Exceptionally Skilled Cancer Physicians
Our team consists of Board-Certified Medical Oncologists, Oncologic Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Anthologist. Radiation Oncologists, and Critical Care Physicians.

Global Treatment Protocols
Formulate medicines and/or protocols unique to that specific patient's cancer; employ array of cancer fighting “tools” often unavailable within the U.S. or Canada; use safe and effective “tools” that have undergone rigorous clinical trials/testing in respected medical centers within Germany, U.S., Cuba (outstanding cancer regiments), UK, South Korea, Mexico, and China, among other advanced nations.

Professional & Caring Medical Staff
Our highly empathetic staff leads patients through the process with a concierge mentality.

Easy Access to Emergency Care
ICCA is affiliated with Angeles Hospital, one of Mexico’s top hospital chains for any surgical and/or emergent procedures.

24/7 Support Services
Our care team is here to help. There will always be someone available to answer your call, day or night!


Our Clinic

ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic
ICCA Clinic

At Integrative Cancer Centers of America, our global technologies and personalized, proprietary treatments give way to viable treatment options that help our patients outperform.

当希望消失时,ICCA 提供希望!
ICCA 分别在墨西哥下加利福尼亚州蒂华纳和加利福尼亚州欧文和洛杉矶的一级治疗中心治疗晚期转移性癌症患者。
ICCA 管理 CoNexus Cancer Care,这是一种定制的治疗计划,使用临床证明的常规、替代和补充药物/方式以及由于政府指导方针过于严格而在美国/加拿大无法提供的许多全球治疗。
ICCA 治疗可显着减少、缩小甚至完全坏死侵袭性转移性癌症,而不会损害周围组织或器官,即使被许多善意的癌症中心归类为“无法治疗”!
这种特殊的治疗在美国/加拿大不可用,因为其医生必须遵守严格的 FDA 批准的协议,即使有更好的选择但未经 FDA 批准。
可悲的是,这些限制常常迫使医生使用“一刀切”的方法来治疗所有癌症,无论其分期如何。 “一刀切”通常会导致微不足道的结果、更长的化疗轮次、更长的放疗轮次,并且有时在侵入性较小的手术可以取得类似甚至更有利的结果时进行激进的手术。
ICCA 医生特意在美国/加拿大以外的地方执业,为癌症患者提供定制的治疗计划,这些计划微创、非常安全和有效,同时为晚期转移性癌症患者提供更好的机会获得更有利的结果!

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