Destroy Cancer Tumors

Without Surgery, Radiation or Chemotherapy!

Save your Liver, Save your Life!

Integrative Cancer Centers of America ("ICCA") offers CoNexus, a "tumor-busting" cancer therapy designed to destroy (debulk, shrink, reduce, or neutralize) primary and secondary (metastatic) tumors, even when considered "inoperable" by most other cancer centers.

CoNexus is a composition of several government approved oxidants and non-toxic antigen enhancers injected directly into any solid tumor with precision accuracy while under CT guidance. Treatments are typically administered once a week for three or four consecutive weeks; takes less than 45 minutes to perform; is minimally invasive; and generally cause few, if any side-effects.

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections

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Circulates through entire body harming both good and bad cells.

CoNexus Cancer Care

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Injected Medicine Stays within tumor, never circulating through body.

CoNexus is designed to serve three vitally important functions:

  • Destroy late stage or inoperable tumors without surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, and without causing collateral damage to surrounding tissue - even when tumor is classified inoperable by many well-intended Comprehensive Cancer Centers.
  • Hinder the spreading of cancer cells (metastasis) by administering systemic autologous tumor antigens designed specifically to enhance cancer cell death (apoptosis).
  • Enhance Immune Cell Response by administering a systemic dendritic cancer vaccine designed specifically to better identify evasive cancer cells and help destroy, hamper or even reverse progressive tumor growth.

Colostomy Reversal

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

If you have a colostomy, you may be a candidate for reversal at a later date.

A colostomy reversal is generally performed when the patient is in good health and fully recovered from the effects of the initial operation. This will usually be at least 12 weeks after the initial colostomy surgery. There's no time limit for having a reversal, and some people live with their colostomy for several years before it's reversed.

Colostomy Reversal Procedure

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

Reversing a loop colostomy is a relatively straightforward process. A cut (incision) is made around the stomach so the surgeon can access the inside of the patient’s abdomen. The upper section of the colon is reattached to the remaining section of the colon.

An end colostomy can also be reversed, but involves making a larger incision so the surgeon can locate and reattach the two sections of colon. It also takes longer to recover from this type of surgery with greater risk of complications.

Integrative Cancer Centers Team

Board Certified Internists, Oncologists, Surgeons

Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Anesthesiologists

ICCA physicians are highly trained and board certified in their respective sub subspecialties to employ safe and effective cancer treatments which have undergone rigorous clinical trials and studies in many global medical venues such as Germany, United States, Canada, Cuba, United Kingdom, South Korea, China and of course Mexico (National Cancer Institute), among others.

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Our Philosophy

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

And unlike many traditional or what we term conventional "standard of medicine" cancer clinics, our doctors offer more than the big three: chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery.

Our Philosophy is simple; Restore Hope and Restore Life to our patients. Our Centers employ therapies that effectively treat the cancer tumors cells without compromising the patient's quality of life in the process.

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Video Reported Outcomes

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Our Patients Experience

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Patient: Eric

Liver Cancer, Stage 3. Immediately after receiving third CoNexus treatment.

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Patient: Larry

Throat Cancer, Stage 4. One year after receiving CoNexus treatment.