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Before proceeding, please consider the following questions.

Does Your Cancer Treatment Plan Offer:

  • Tumor-targeted therapies individually tailored to treat your particular cancer and stage.
  • Unique "firewall" to stop lethal cancer cells from spreading to other parts of your body (metastases).
  • Unique "tumor busting" program to greatly reduce the number and size of existing lethal tumor loads.
  • Safe and effective state-of-the art medicines/devices that may not yet be approved within U.S. or Canada.
  • Safe and effective treatment protocols which have undergone rigorous clinical trials/testing in Germany, France, United States, Canada, Cuba (outstanding cancer regiments), UK, South Korea and Mexico among others.

If you answer NO to any of these questions, please click here.



Chance to Save Your Life!

Chance to greatly reduce or destroy Stage 4 tumors,
setting stage for simple tumor removal!

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Integrative Cancer Centers of America

Integrative Cancer Centers of America offers Immuno therapy at its BEST; using Conexus Care exclusively.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America is the only cancer center in the world to offer Conexus Care, a highly specialized immunotherapy designed to strength the body's immune system, and equally important, chance to change potential terminal cancer into a far more manageable illness.

What Conexus Care Immunotherapy

Means to You

  • OVERALL TUMOR LOAD REDUCTION: Greatly reduce/destroy all late stage tumors and/or inoperable tumors without causing damage to surrounding organs or tissue(s).
  • HINDER FURTHER TUMOR SPREADING: Hinder or prevent cancer cells from spreading (metastasis) to other parts of the body through introduction of tumor antigens specifically designed to accelerate cancer cell death , and;
  • ENHANCED AUTO-IMMUNE RESPONSE: introduce dendritic cancer vaccine designed to help the immune system to better identify evasive cancer cells. This can help destroy, hamper or even reverse progressive tumor growth.
  • POTENTIAL CANCER RESOLUTION: within several weeks, real chance for patient to return home with the overall tumor load in FULL REMISSION.

Our Minimally Invasive Conexus Care

Treatments Have You in Mind

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections
Integrative Cancer Centers of America 1 Conventional Chemotherapy Injections click to enlarge

Circulates through the entire body eventually damaging both healthy and cancerous tumor cells.

CoNexus Care Immunotherapy Injections
Integrative Cancer Centers of America 2 CoNexus Immunotherapy Injections click to enlarge

CoNexus stays within tumor, never circulating through body.

Board Certified Internists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Anesthesiologists

ICCA Physicians are highly trained and board certified in their respective subspecialties to employ safe and effective cancer treatments which have undergone rigorous clinical trials and studies in many global medical venues such as Germany, United States, Canada, Cuba, United Kingdom, South Korea, China, and of course Mexico (National Cancer Institute), among others.

Integrative Cancer Centers Team

Our Team of Specialists

Integrative Cancer Centers Team 2

Our Treatment Center

Integrative Cancer Centers Team 3

Bladder Cancer Tumor Laser Ablation

Concierge Care

What is it?

Integrative Cancer Centers of America treats many potential terminal patients which requiere premium care at every level.

Our foreign based clinic is located near southern San Diego, California.

The ICCA philosophy is simple; Restore Hope and Restore Life to our patients.

Our Centers employ therapies that effectively treat the cancer tumor cells without compromising the patient's quality of life in the process.

Consultation Rooms, Infusions and Medical Appointments are located with a modern, first world 600 ft2 surgical center.

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