We Offer HOPE when HOPE is Lost!

Next Generation Alternative Cancer Therapy for Late Stage Cancer Patients

Integrative Cancer Centers of America physicians have treated hundreds of "untreatable" cancers for over forty-years!

Historically surpassing U.S. cancer center survival rates whose well-intended physicians “hands are generally tied” because of overly restrictive National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines; which often relegates these practitioners hands to a "one size fits all" treatment approach.

Moreover, there are vast differences between conventional cancer treatments which rely on chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and ICCA which seamlessly employs individualized immunotherapies, inflammatory imbalances, diet and nutritional changes, vitamins and supplements, blood imbalances, very, very low dose radiation, chemotherapy and surgery when needed.

ICCA physicians' avoid a "one size fits all" approach, by employing conventional treatment guidelines where effective, but always employing more favorable alternative treatment guidelines when more effective!

ICCA treats Stage IV cancer patients cancer centers in Los Angeles and/or Orange County, CA respectively, but more often at its global treatment center in Baja California, fifteen minutes south of San Diego, CA.

What Makes Us Different?

ICCA is a provider of integrative cancer care by keeping the patient in the center of all care processes and options. We work with you one-on-one and offer individualized care plans so that our entire care team can be partners in your healing journey.

Professional Staff
Our highly empathetic staff leads patient’s through the process with a concierge mentality.

Qualified Doctors
Our team consists of Board Certified Oncology Specialists, Surgeons, Radiologists and Physicians.

Emergency Case
ICCA is affiliated with Angeles Hospital, one of Mexico’s top hospitals for surgical procedures and emergencies.

24/7 Services
Our care team is here to help. There will always be someone available to answer your call, day or night!


Travel & Safety. We are always by your side!

COVID-19 Update. The US/Mexico Border is Open, and So Are We!

Our clinic is conveniently located just minutes away from the international U.S. and Mexican border at one of the major business complexes in northern Mexico (The Grand Hotel Tijuana Golf Course, Convention Center and Business Tower Complexes).

Our main clinic is located within the exclusive Grand Care floor of the Grand Hotel Tijuana. The building is a high-rise complex of twin skyscrapers attached together for both medical tourism and hotel stay allowing you to walk to and from your appointments with comfort and ease.

We are affiliated with some of the most recognized, trusted hospitals in Mexico including Hospital Ángeles, Clínica Mediterraneo, CIMA San José, and the nation's top board certified doctors.



You can comfortly arrive onto our main office located in San Diego, CA.


Cross the Border

Upon your arrival, we'll drive you to our clinic in Tijuana, MX.


Going Back Home

After your treatment has finished, we'll drive you back to our office in San Diego, CA, or directly to the San DIego International Airport.

Grand Hotel Tijuana

At Integrative Cancer Centers of America, our global technologies and personalized, proprietary treatments give way to viable treatment options that help our patients outperform.