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Every day millions of Americans survive advanced cancer. Today there are nearly 10 million cancer survivors, with over 62% of all cancer patients still alive 5 years after diagnosis. Survivorship is not just about long-term survival, but about one's quality of life from diagnosis onward. It is living with, through, and beyond cancer.

As early diagnosis and treatments improve, many types of cancers have shifted from acute to chronic diseases, with some cancers now highly curable. The statistics are positive, but numbers do not really tell very much about how persons with cancer survive—physically, psychologically, socially, economically or spiritually. They do not tell us how people with a cancer diagnosis learn to live with fear and uncertainty or how they manage to be hopeful.

To Start with Hope is Everything

The purpose of this website is to share the hope for survival and provide you with a plan of action that tens of thousands of cancer patients have undertaken with our cancer specialist since 1975. We have seen many patients survive cancer after conventional treatments have failed to work. Why because our doctors have regulatory powers that allow them to practice great medicine. There are many reasons to have hope of becoming a survivor.

I'll Be My Own Doctor

Often frustrated from undergoing conventional cancer treatments, many patients become their own internet taught doctor. This usually doesn't go well. Rather those who take "home-treatments" while searching for a quality cancer doctor tend to have better results. That’s why we use the best doctors in the world.

All Treatments Are The Same

Over-the-counter "natural" treatments are not the same as clinical strength global based treatments administered by cancer experts practicing without highly restrictive U.S./Canadian regulations. Experts tell us that the store bought supplements are designed for relatively healthy people, not advanced cancer patients.

I've Got Time to Make a Decision

Thinking I have plenty of time to investigate treatment options has hurt many well-intended patients. We’ve seen many patients who spent too much time trying to decide what to do, make decision too late, hence, fall behind the proverbial power cure. Don't waste precious time.

Important things to Consider

Does Your Cancer Treatment Plan Offer...

  • Tumor-targeted therapies individually tailored to treat your particular cancer and stage.
  • Unique "firewall" to stop lethal cancer cells from spreading to other parts of your body (metastases).
  • Unique "tumor busting" program to greatly reduce the number and size of existing lethal tumor loads.
  • Safe and effective state-of-the art medicines/devices that may not yet be approved within U.S. or Canada.
  • Safe and effective treatment protocols which have undergone rigorous clinical trials/testing in Germany, France, United States, Canada, Cuba (outstanding cancer regiments), UK, South Korea and Mexico among others.

If you answer NO to any of these questions, please click here.

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