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Using CoNexus™ Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy,
we destroy aggressive cancers without surgery.

Using CoNexus™ Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy,
we destroy aggressive cancers without surgery.

We Take Care Of Your
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We Treat Untreatable Cancers!

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Treating all late stage cancers for over 30 years.

Treating all late stage cancers for over 30 years.

We Give Hope
When Most Can't

We Give Hope

When Most Can't


Cancer Does NOT Wait!

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    We Offer HOPE for a Healthy Future

    Cancer is non discriminatory. Age, race, gender and sociology economic status is defenseless to the distaste cancer leaves in its path. Almost everyone is affected by cancer in some form. A cancer diagnosis is NOT the end of hope. Modern medicine has made significant progress in treating cancer. However, the standard of care in conventional medicine is exactly that. “Standard”.

    We at ICCA do not believe in standard. Our goal has been to exceed and surpass normal standards and create a program that customizes treatments to each individual with the goal of minimal side effects. Our success rate is undeniable and worth the strength to take a new path away from conventional standards.

    Late Stage Cancer Treatment Specialist​

    For over thirty years, ICCA physicians have focused on treating all late stage primary and metastatic tumors, including breast, pancreas, liver, lung, colon/stomach, prostate, head, and neck; amongst many other solid or blood types.

    CoNexus™ Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy​

    We employ CoNexus™ Cancer Care, a tumor-targeting cancer treatment protocol, clinically shown to reduce, shrink or even destroy aggressive "untreatable" tumors without surgery, or debilitating side-effects.

    Enhanced Patient Outcomes​

    We specialize in individualized cutting-edge advanced cancer treatments, with the skills to ultimately remove and/or destroy aggressive cancers in order to restore the patients’ quality of life.

    2-Week Treatment Program​

    In most cases, treatments consist of a 2-week protocol and are administered at least three times per week - typically on Monday through Friday each week with Saturday as an optional day.

    What Makes Us Different?

    ICCA is a provider of integrative cancer care by keeping the patient in the center of all care processes and options. We work with you one-on-one and offer individualized care plans so that our entire care team can be partners in your healing journey.

    Professional Staff

    Our highly empathetic staff leads patient’s through the process with a concierge mentality.

    Emergency Case

    ICCA is affiliated with Angeles Hospital, one of Mexico’s top hospitals for surgical procedures and emergencies.

    Qualified Doctors

    Our team consists of Board Certified Oncology Specialists, Surgeons, Radiologists and Physicians.

    24/7 Services

    Our care team is here to help. There will always be someone available to answer your call, day or night!

    Tumor-Targeting Non-Invasive Protocols

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    About Gregory DiRienzo

    Founder of ICCA

    Gregory DiRienzo, Founder and CEO, inspired by his late ex -wife, Joyce, who unfortunately, lost the fight against cancer before Mr. DiRienzo found and formed a group of cutting edge Oncologists, Surgeons, Researchers, Radiologists, and Scientific Experts that found a groundbreaking protocol in fighting cancer. 

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