ICCA is Only Cancer Center Globally to offer CoNexus Care™ – which has been shown to cause TUMOR-REDUCTION and/or TUMOR BUSTING capabilities.

  • Chance to save your life!
    CoNexus Care
    Chance to reduce or destroy Stage 4 Cancer Tumors.

Our physicians offer what other physicians can't!

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Patient: Eric

Liver Cancer, Stage 3. 1-year after receiving CoNexus™ treatment.

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Patient: Larry

Throat Cancer, Stage 4. 2-years after receiving CoNexus™ treatment.

How CoNexus Care Works!

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

Consists of 5-distinct but important complimentary cancer therapies which can stop and/or limit existing tumor growth, and ongoing microscopic spread (metastases):

  1. Injects immuno-therapeutics medicines directly into tumor – aggressively reducing and/or destroying the tumors without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, body, or immune system.
  2. Hinders cancer cells from spreading (metastasis) by administering systemic autologous tumor antigens, specifically formulated to enhance cancer cell death (apoptosis).
  3. Enhances Immune Cell Response by administering systemic dendritic cancer vaccine specifically formulated to identify evasive cancer cells and help destroy, hamper, or even reverse tumor growth.
  4. Makes Cancer Cells Visible to patient's immune system. - - so the cells can be found and attacked!
  5. Introduce autologous tumor vaccine - which serves to promote anti-tumor reactions, strengthening immune system's ability to fight cancer!

CoNexus Care™ Highlights

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

CoNexus uses several oxidants and non-toxic antigen enhancers injected directly into a solid tumor under CT precision guidance. Treatments are typically administered once a week for three or four consecutive weeks; takes less than 45 minutes to perform; is minimally invasive; generally causes few minor, if any side-effects.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America - makes available at several of its International Cancer Centers, CoNexus Care™, a neoadjuvant intra-tumoral cancer treatment formulated to reduce and/or destroy large tumor masses within several months after commencing treatment.

The CoNexus Care™ treatment protocol has been used by highly skilled physicians for over 30-years to treat large tumor masses (regardless of the primary tumor) ultimately resulting in significant tumor reduction, shrinkage, and even destruction of the majority of the primary and metastatic tumor masses, and even some tumor masses considered inoperable by many reputable cancer centers.

CoNexus Care was developed to harness, strengthen, and enhance a patient's overall immune system, in order to fight cancer for extended periods of time. CoNexus Care provides many measurable advantages over conventional cancer immunotherapies which rely on chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or with some limited combination thereof.

Our Immune system - includes T-cells which identify and destroy abnormal cells. Antigens are molecules on cancer cells that trigger the immune system to attack. Some cancer cells, however can hide from the immune system because they look like normal cells. Cancer cells may also stop the immune system from working properly.

CoNexus Care™ Immuno-Therapy was developed to help make the cancer cells "visible" to the patient's immune system. Conexus Care Cancer Immuno-therapy also helps strengthen the immune system's ability to fight cancer.

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections
Integrative Cancer Centers of America 1 Conventional Chemotherapy Injections click to enlarge

Circulates through the entire body eventually damaging both healthy and cancerous tumor cells.

CoNexus Immunotherapy Injections
Integrative Cancer Centers of America 2 CoNexus Immunotherapy Injections click to enlarge

CoNexus stays within tumor, never circulating through body.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

Board Certified Internists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Anesthesiologists

Integrative Cancer Centers Team

ICCA Physicians are highly trained and board certified in their respective subspecialties. ICCA physicians perform safe and effective cancer treatments. Our physician’s medical backgrounds are comprised of many global venues such as Germany, Canada, Cuba, United Kingdom, South Korea, China, United States, and Mexico. Most of our formable staff of physicians have gone through the process of rigorous clinical trials and studies.

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Integrative Cancer Centers Team 3 Bladder Cancer Tumor Laser Ablation

Our Philosophy

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

Our Philosophy is very simple; Restore Hope and Restore Life to our patients. Our Centers utilize therapies that effectively treat the cancer tumors without compromising a patient's quality of life in the process.

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Helpful Questions for your Oncologist

Integrative Cancer Centers of America

There are four significant considerations for patients when discussing potential cancer therapy regardless of the cancer center or oncologists:

  • How long will my treatment be?
  • What are the potential side effects?
  • How will this treatment affect my quality of life?
  • What are the chances my cancer will return?

If you or a loved one is facing a treatment decision, losing hope, or looking for alternative treatment options, please take the time to review our website, then call us with any questions.

We're here to help you understand the unique benefits of CoNexus Care!