An Exceptional Global Cancer Center Treating Late-Stage and Recurrent Cancers

ICCA Offers HOPE when HOPE is Lost!

ICCA treats advanced metastatic and recurrent cancers at first-class treatment centers in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and/or greater Irvine or Los Angeles, California, respectively.

ICCA administers CoNexus Cancer Care, a customized treatment plan that incorporates clinically approved conventional, Integrative Cancer Treatment Centers that are often unavailable to U.S./Canadian patients.

ICCA's primary goal is to instigate significant reduction, shrinkage, or even full necrosis (tumor death) of aggressive metastatic and recurrent cancers, without damaging surrounding tissues or organs, even when classified as "untreatable" by many Integrative Cancer Treatment Centers!

ICCA provides integrative cancer care by keeping the patient at the center of the treatment process. Our team works with you one-on-one and offers customized treatment plans, so your entire CoNexus Cancer Care team becomes your partner during the healing process.

What Makes Us Different?

Exceptionally Skilled Cancer Physicians

Our treating physician team consists of board-certified Medical Oncologists, Oncologic Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, and Interventional anthologists. Radiation Oncologists, and Critical Care Physicians.

Global Treatment Protocols

Formulate medicines and/or protocols unique to that specific patient's cancer; employ an array of cancer-fighting "tools" often unavailable within the U.S. or Canada; use safe and effective "tools" that have undergone rigorous clinical trials/testing in respected medical centers within Germany, U.S., Cuba (outstanding cancer regiments), UK, South Korea, Mexico, and China, among other advanced nations consisting of:

  • Short-course radiation -- destroy lethal cancer stem cells that survive conventional cancer therapies (leading to cancer metastases).
  • Live Cell Tumor Profiling – assay live tumor cells to ascertain the most effective medicine to destroy tumors.
  • Tumor-Targeted immunotherapy -- enhance autologous immune response (small number of cytokines injected directly into the tumor).
  • Autologous dendritic cell vaccine -- prevent cancer cells from spreading to surrounding tissue or organs to strengthen and stimulate the immune system to recognize and fight invading cancer cells.
  • Systemic Detoxification – to complement natural healing by removing harmful metals and minerals that have built up from external pollutants.
  • Toxic-free Therapies – designed to target cancer cells yet keep vital tissues and organs healthy. These treatments work to strengthen the body and complement other principles rather than compromise the immune system and create debilitating side effects.
  • Microwave/Cyro Tumor Ablation (tumor removal) once tumors have shrunk significantly in size, shape, and mass.


ICCA Offers HOPE when HOPE is Lost!