Tumor-Destroying Protocol Without Surgery

We Treat Untreatable Cancers!
CoNexus Cancer Care destroys aggressive cancers.


Late Stage Cancer Treatment Specialist

Integrative Cancer Centers of America ("ICCA") is an internationally renowned global group, dedicated to restoring hope and restoring life to patients suffering from "untreatable" late-stage cancers, particularly life-threatening metastatic liver cancers, pancreatic cancers and potentially deforming head and neck cancers.

ICCA employs CoNexus Cancer Care exclusively, a tumor-busting (debulking) cancer treatment protocol, clinically shown to reduce, shrink or even destroy aggressive "untreatable" tumors without surgery, or debilitating side-effects.

CoNexus Cancer Care provides late stage cancer patients with an exceptional, uniquely designed cancer treatment program, while conveniently located within treatment facilities in Los Angeles or Orange County, California respectively, and/or our global treatment facility in Baja California, fifteen minutes south of San Diego, California.

For over forty years, ICCA physicians using advanced integrative medicines have helped late-stage cancer patients often achieve far greater outcomes than treatments offered by many other well-intended cancer centers domiciled within the United States or Canada.

CoNexus Cancer Care

Scientifically formulated to accomplish multiple vitally important objectives.

  • Treat Untreatable Cancers without surgery or causing damage to surrounding tissues and organs.
  • Reduce overall tumor loads by injecting tumor-targeted immunotherapeutic (nontoxic cancer medicine with immuno-modulator) directly into the tumor(s) under CT guidance (where the medicine lodges for several weeks without weakening the immune system.)
  • Detoxify environmental toxins from the liver, in addition to clearing cellular tumor debris during treatment.
  • Enhance Tumor Cell Destruction via minimally invasive tumor-targeted injections. and.
  • Enhance Systemic Cancer Immunity via autologous dendritic cell antigens formulated to speed up crucial cancer cell identification and death (apoptosis).
  • Tumor-targeted therapies individually customized to treat all cancer types or stage.
  • Invoke unique "Firewall" to stop lethal cancer cells spreading to other parts of the body (metastases).
  • Invoke unique "tumor busting" protocol to greatly reduce the number and size of existing tumor loads.
  • Apply safe and effective global state-of-the art medicines/devices unavailable to U.S. and Canadian cancer centers currently.
  • Apply safe and effective global treatment protocols that have undergone rigorous clinical trials/testing in Germany, France, United States, Canada, Cuba (outstanding cancer regiments), UK, South Korea, and Mexico, among others.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Every patient's cancer cells are unique to that patient and unique to any other patient's cancer cells, even with identical cancer classifications (e.g. breast, lung, etc.) -- which is why a favorable treatment response from one patient may very well create unfavorable response in another patient even if they have the same cancer!

Yet, most U.S. cancer centers disregard the importance of fully discerning these cellular differences, instead administering a “one size fits all” medicine that completely disregards the potential uniques of cancer cells, very possibly administering treating medicine that may not invoke cellular death to that patient's unique cancer cells.

ICCA physicians are fully aware of these shortcomings, and confident that ICCA patients can see upwards of a 100% greater treatment efficacy over conventional cancer treatments when the CoNexus Cancer Care treatment includes in-vitro functional tumor cell profiling - a laboratory technique that measures how that patient's unique cancer cells will respond when exposed to medicines shown to illicit cellular death in the laboratory.

Our tumor cell profiled targeting agents are so gentle, many patients report having no debilitating side-effects whatsoever. Clearly this is a powerful tool to fight late stage cancers but represents only a portion of our CoNexus Cancer Care treatment approach.

ICCA physicians employed unique treatment options to late-stage and complex cancers for over forty years, and especially skilled at treating persistently resistant cancers. Many patients who have struggled with a resistant or complex form of cancer have experienced significant benefits from undergoing CoNexus Cancer Care therapies.

By incorporating four decades of clinical experience with advanced tumor cell profiling and other proprietary treatments, Integrative Cancer Centers is better able to treat any cancer at a specifically customized level. Our cancer treatment is based upon sound research, development, and clinical application, always at the forefront of globally driven innovation.

It is our tumor board's opinion, that a comprehensive treatment protocol composed of functional tumor cell profiling, tumor targeted immunotherapy, and an autologous dendritic cell vaccine is ideal for achieving lasting long-term results when fighting aggressive late stage cancers.

Effective outcomes mean treating cancer from multiple angles via continuing research, updated treatment protocols, targets, and delivery techniques. One innovation is our tumor-targeted immunotherapy which injected directly into the tumor under CT image guidance. Tumor targeting allows image guided, functional tumor cell profiled chemotherapy, integrative agents, and immunotherapy agents to be placed directly into the tumor. This minimally invasive procedure provides targeting agents with 100% delivery to the tumors while also initiating a systemic immune response which is why our interventional radiology team has become such an important part of our vast array of advanced cancer treatment technologies.

For over thirty years, ICCA physicians have focused on treating all late state primary and metastatic tumors, including breast, pancreas, liver, lung, colon/stomach, prostate, head, and neck; amongst many other solid or blood types.

CoNexus Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy

CoNexus Tumor Target Immunotherapy consists of a unique blend of cancer fighting medicines and immuno-modulating compounds.

These tumor killing compounds mixed with a water-soluble solution, are injected via MRI, CT or Ultrasound guidance, directly into the tumor mass and corresponding tumor cells via high-pressure injection directly into the tumor.

This newly discovered oxidant hardens the tumor mass by disturbing existing blood vessels within the tumor, ultimately leading to a much higher concentration of tumor killing medicines. This hardening of tumor cells, effectively changes the extracellular matrix by altering its morphological and biochemical components, e.g., collagen, elastic fibers, reticular fibers, fibronectin, proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid and other large molecules, which eventually “morphing” into a soft, semi-solid state within the tumor matrix.

At Integrative Cancer Centers of America, our global technologies and personalized, proprietary treatments give way to viable treatment options that help our patients outperform.