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ICCA Offers HOPE when HOPE is Lost!

Integrative Cancer Centers of America offers primary and recurrent cancer patients, FivePoints Cancer Care -- a proprietary, highly customized cancer treatment plan, consisting of the most comprehensive, scientifically advanced, and clinically proven therapies available to patients within North America, or perhaps the world!

FivePoints Cancer Care combines Integrative, Conventional, and Alternative medicine, when indicated, to aggressively reduce, hamper, slow, or even destroy overall tumor mass and circulating cancer cells - even when classified as "untreatable" by most cancer treatment centers - through the introduction of Total Neoadjuvant Therapy tumor reduction followed with minimally invasive tumor ablation, thus avoiding damage to surrounding tissues or organs.

FivePoints Cancer Care provides patients with safe and effective U.S. FDA-approved first and second-line treatments when indicated – but to achieve even greater outcomes – the contemporaneous administration of safe and effective global cancer treatments and medicines not available within the U.S. which have been clinically shown to increase overall treatment outcomes by upwards of 200% over U.S.-FDA approved cancer treatment programs alone!

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Introducing FivePoints Cancer Care Thermal Ablation

FivePoints Cancer Care is a comprehensive program to treat cancer tumors, developed by Integrative Cancer Centers of America.

FivePoints Cancer Care

Comprehensive Pathophysiological Diagnostics (upon arrival Pt undergoes real-time PET/CT or PSMA imaging (CT scan cannot detect any potential metastatic cancer at the crucial molecular level) complete physical examination, blood work, initial consultation with the medical team, and more.)

  • Multi-Platform Phenotypic/Molecular Diagnostics (via Live-Cell Tumor Profiling - a laboratory technique to measure how cancer cells respond to a variety of drugs and drug combinations - or Liquid Biopsy ala NGS genomics, transcriptomics).
  • Metabolomic Profiling (via state-of-the-art Quantitative Mass Spectrometer).
  • Molecular Tumor Board Oversight (initiate cutting-edge cancer treatment protocols that apply biomarker-driven, and in-depth interrogation of tumor biology to craft unique patient-specific treatment regimens ala initial Total Neoadjuvant Therapy followed with complete post Adjuvant therapeutics, and more).

Short-course Targeted Radiation (includes very small doses of concomitant chemo-sensitizing agent to significantly increase overall biological efficacy at fewer than 10 fractions or 37 Gy maximum thus avoiding any significant collateral damage to surrounding tissue or organs).

CT Guided Intratumoral Immunotherapy

  • Off-label medications to boost overall immunotherapy (medications used for other conditions can be repurposed to enhance the immune response).
  • Treat potential leaky gut syndrome (enhance microbiome to achieve maximum immunotherapy potential).
  • Hypoxia Tumor Targeting (address hypoxic tumors to generate global control of immunosuppression, treatment resistance, tumor growth, and increased metastasis).
  • Heat Tumor Immune Microenvironment (systemic immunotherapy relies on immune cells effectively infiltrating cancer cells (“immunologically hot”). To achieve maximum treatment benefit, tumors must be “heated up” or “primed” – which involves injecting specific immune agents directly into the tumor to attract immune cells to cancer.
  • Advanced testing to predict/target immunotherapeutic escape mechanisms; specific immunotherapies upregulate receptors to allow for escape and/or perhaps immunotherapeutic targets which means some combination of agents that work well in some cases, can still adjust and adapt therapy.

Thermal Tumor Ablation (aka complete tumor destruction) a minimally invasive technique commonly used in the destruction of solid cancer tumors replacing the need for surgical removal of solid tumors. During tumor ablation, thermal energy is used to heat or cool tissue to cytotoxic levels.

Regenerative and Restorative Medicine (replace, restore, or revitalize cellular tissues or organs, which have been compromised and/or damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital symptoms).

Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance (via blood-derived mass spectrometry ala individual patient metabolomic signatures which is the comprehensive analysis of metabolites in a biological specimen – an emerging technology that holds promise to inform the practice of precision medicine.)

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Our treating physician team consists of board-certified Medical Oncologists, Oncologic Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, and Interventional Anthologists. Radiation Oncologists, and Critical Care Physicians.

Live Cell Tumor Profiling Conventlonal Cancer Therapist Conventlonal Cancer Therapist Conventlonal cancer Therapist Conventlonal cancer Therapist

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ICCA Offers HOPE when HOPE is Lost!

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Live Cell Tumor Profiling!

If your cancer team insists you undergo chemotherapy, you should be offered a chemo that has been proven to treat your unique cancer 100%, not a guess because it worked for someone else!

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Safe and effective non-toxic therapies for all type of cancers

FivePoints Cancer Care is a customized cancer treatment program that offers global protocols and treatments to Integrative Cancer Centers of America patients.

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