Colon Rectal Cancer

Patient Testimonial

In late February 2016, I had my first of three simple immuno-chemo cancer medicine injections, with my second injection on the morning of March 7th and a third and final injection on March 14th, 2016. It was all over in less than 15 days!

Several days after receiving my first injection, my oncologists commented that there was visible evidence of tumor shrinkage and destruction of cancer cells on the CT scan. I felt considerable shrinkage as well. I feel terrific and my bowel movements are much better due to the tumor shrinkage, which was restricting normal elimination.

I felt so well after having my first treatment that I took my adult son to dinner that evening, just to celebrate how good I was feeling.

Although not required, I decided to undergo a restorative bone marrow-stem cell transplant, to restore my body to a more healthful condition. This was done by Integrative Cancer Center physicians, immediately following my third and final cancer treatment. The doctors collected 80 cc of bone marrow. They immediately put 74 cc back into me, via an IV drip. The remaining 6 cc will be expanded to increase the number of stem cells from approximately 5 million to 100-200 million. Half to all of the expanded cells will be put back into me again, via IV with the other half to be frozen for future use. If I only get a partial treatment, when my oncology team decides on how to proceed, I will be re-evaluated by Integrative Cancer Center physicians via CT Scan in about 4-weeks, and we will determine whether or not I will get a 4th Conexus treatment. The beauty of this treatment is, that there are zero side effects. This treatment represents the most advanced type in the world. I am excited for the future.

One last thing, Integrative Cancer Center doctors and Patient Directors are second to none, in both their clinical acumen and bedside manner. They spend 4-5 hours with me each time I'm there. I couldn't be happier with both the results and the treatment!


Tongue, Jaw Neck Cancer Testimonial

after only 6-weeks of Conexus Treatment

On September 18th, 2016, I started my treatment. I have been doing great, exercising hard and gaining my strength back. The tumors in my neck are going away more each week. I did get an infrared Sauna and doing coffee enemas still to help to detox. Taking supplements and could not be doing better. It's been 6 weeks since treatment and I have done a total 180 ˚ turn around.